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University Advancement Forms

As a resource, we have provided frequently used forms.  If there is a form that is not listed here that you wish to access, please contact us at 303-556-8424.  However, please note to coordinate fundraising and engagement with your dean, chair and/or Provost, the standard Continuum of Services Activity Form is required to work with us.  

Development Documents

  • Continuum of Services Activity Form Standard approval and awareness form to partner with our office.  Your dean, chair, and/or Provost might need to sign the form to approve activity and work with us.

    General Pledge Form 

    Standard Pledge Form for all gifts carried by the MSU Denver Foundation.  Used to document an agreement with a donor and the college on a gift made in installments over a specific amount of time.

  • Thank You Template

    Description of the form.

Alumni Relations Documents

If you have any questions about using these forms, please contact Gini Mennenga.

Sample Advisory Council Operating ProceduresAre you interested in implementing an Advisory Council to help promote your academic area to a variety of constituencies, assist with identifying and acquiring additional resources and financial support for the college, serve as an advocate, give advice on the programs, and help build working relationships with other colleges of the University? Review our sample Advisory Council Operating Procedures to guide you.

Program Proposal Template

Foundation Documents

If you have any questions about using these forms, please contact Michael Schiffmacher.

  • Lockbox Deposit Transmittal Form

    Deposit transmittal sheets are required for all checks and credit cards sent to the bank (lockbox) for processing into the Foundation bank account.  Checks and credit cards require a separate deposit transmittal.

  • Auction Settlement Form

    shall be completed for each auction item sold (multiple items sold to a single purchaser may be listed on the same form). This form will be used for audit and recognition purposes. A form needs to be completed for each purchaser of your auction items. It needs to be filled out at the event, after the bidding is closed, in order to process payments from each winning bidder. (For example, if an attendee bids on three items and wins two, the form will reflect the contact information of the winning bidder, the two winning items, their value and selling price, how the donor paid for them, as well as who received the donor's payment at the event.)

  • Petty Cash Deposit Transmittal Form

    All ‘green’ cash (currency and coin) must be totaled on a Petty Cash Deposit Transmittal and hand delivered to the Foundation office. DO NOT MAIL CASH TO THE LOCKBOX.

  • Receipt of Donated Goods

    Donors of item(s) for an auction will be receipted for the item(s) contributed. Organizers of an auction must give the donor this form to complete and return to the organizers (the name and fax number for the organizer must be inserted at the bottom of this form). The fair market value (FMV) of the donated item(s) must be determined by the donor and not the auction organizers.

  • Summary of Unsold Auction Items Form (.xls)

    This will be completed for all items not sold at the auction. All items can be listed on the same form.

  • Memberships, Events & Auctions or In-Kind Donation Guidelines

    This sheet provides basic instruction on how to proceed on memberships, events, auctions and in-kind donations.

  • Credit Card Machines Instructions

    Wireless credit card machines are available for department/event use from Foundation  office.  These are the instruction for how to use it.

  • Credit Card Machine Checkout and Return

    This form must be signed and given to the Foundation representative at the time of checking out the wireless machine(s).

Advancement Services Documents

If you have any questions about using these forms, please contact Andrea Gonzales.

  • Gift Processing Form

    This form is used with the MSU Denver lockbox for processing gift.  This form is utilized when sending checks or deposits to the lock box, and helps the Gift Processing team with apply information and credit to the correct record for accurate reporting and acknowledgement.

  • Confidentiality Agreement

    This is the required form to have access to any of the MSU Denver  University Advancement systems, reports, and data.


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