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University Advancement Glossary

MSU Denver University Advancement (UA) offers this glossary as a tool for visitors to the ADVANCE website. These terms are defined only as they pertain to MSU Denver and are not applicable in all situations.  It is not a comprehensive dictionary of terms, nor do the terms listed cover all possible meanings or applications. 


ADVANCE - the University Advancement online request system where we have gathered all of our resources in one place to offer you a continuum of services to support your fundraising and alumni engagement efforts.

Alumni – a graduate of MSU Denver.

Annual Giving (Annual Fund) – The Annual Giving program exists to provide the University with financial support for scholarships, special programs, research, technological upgrades, and additional University needs. The Annual Fund program builds a strong core constituency of alumni, friends, and University family who will provide consistent financial support the University and its programs.  The Annual Giving program works to acquire, reactivate, and renew donors and gifts of $1-$4,999.

Bequest -  a gift of property or assets to a beneficiary as defined in a will.

Cash Gift – a gift made most often by check or credit card (rarely cash).

Development – the organized activity of soliciting contributions to further the mission of MSU Denver.

Development Officer – a staff member of the University charged with soliciting contributions at the University.

Endowment – a fund or collection of funds that produces income for an organization.  Endowments are available to the University because they create an ongoing source of income, enhance our stability and prestige, and allow for program expansion.

Foundation – theMSU Denver Foundation is a 501 c(3) organization established from donated funds for the purpose of providing support to the University.

Fund status report – a report which outlines activity in a fund of the University.

Guide to Seeking Private Funding - a document which guides those seeking private funding on the how-to's and offers resources.

Honorarium – any gift, of any size, made to the University in recognition or in honor of an individual or other entirety.

In-Kind Gift a charitable gift of goods or services rather than money.

Leadership Giving Societies – giving groups to recognize $1,000+ annual donors.

Matching Gifts – a charitable practice where an individual or organization pledges to give an equal amount of money to the University, where the amount given is equal to the amount raised in individual gifts. 

Memorial – any gift, of any size, made to the University in someone’s memory.

Non-grad alumni – an individual who attended the University, but did not receive a degree.

OurMSUDenver – an online community where alumni can view and update personal information, view giving history, read and submit Class Notes, search the Alumni Directory, manage communication preferences, and more.

Planned giving – a term commonly used to describe ways that allow you to give to a charity during your lifetime and/or after your death, while meeting your current income needs and provided for your heirs.  Planned giving is typically done in conjunction with your overall financial tax and estate planning and is an option for donors of all income levels.

Pledge – a promise to make a gift to the University at a future time.

Reach-a-Roadrunner Phonathon – an integral part of the Annual Fund Program, in which student employees make telephone calls to alumni and friends of the University to acquire financial contributions.

Restricted gift – directed gifts (designated gifts) and contributions made to the University to be used in accordance with donor-created guidelines.

Scholarship – financial aid awards to a student.

Trust – any arrangement where property is to be held and administered by a trustee for the benefit of those for whom the trust was created.  Depending on the type and how it is established, a trust may be revocable (changeable) or irrevocable (not changeable).  There are many types of trusts available to fit to various situations. 

Unrestricted gift – a gift made to the University to be used as needed.

University Advancement – the Division of MSU Denver made up of Development, Advancement Services, and Alumni Relations; and works in partnership with the MSU Denver Foundation.


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